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This page is updated at the beginning of each month. More details of these events are given in our parish magazine, the Parish News, which is on sale in both our churches (in Kirdford and Plaistow).

For more details about the Parish News, including subscriptions, please click on “Groups and activities” in the navigation bar above.


FRIDAY 16TH APRIL, 7.30 pm (On-line Zoom event)

+ PACT Spring lecture

Lord (Michael) Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE will be sharing with us on the topic of "The future we don't know". The title sounds rather exciting given that the future for all of us is unknown!

Lord Hastings is Global Head, Corporate Citizen Citizenship, KPMG International and member of the World Economic Forum on Diversity and Talent, Vice President of UNICEF and Tearfund. This will be on Zoom – details are on the PACT (Petworth Area Churches Together) website (click on “Links” above).

TUESDAY 20TH APRIL, 7.00 pm (Kirdford church)


This year's APCM will be held on Tuesday 20th April at 7.00 pm in St John the Baptist Church in Kirdford. The APCM constitutes a business meeting and is therefore allowed under Covid rules. We will still socially distance and wear masks - we will not be serving refreshments, but you are welcome to bring a flask if you wish although we are not expecting a particularly long meeting. There are officially two meetings—the first, the Annual Meeting of Parishioners is to elect the Churchwardens and may be attended by all on the church Electoral Roll (different from the civil electoral roll) and all who live in the Parish. This Annual Meeting is followed swiftly by the Annual Parish Church Meeting and only those on the church Electoral Roll may attend and vote.

If you would like to stand for election in any capacity, please contact the PCC Secretary, David Sorton (contact details in the Parish News)

The annual revision of the church Electoral Roll has begun and will close on Monday 5th April. If you're not on the roll already and wish to be, please contact Bernie Willis, our Electoral Roll Officer (contact details in the Parish News) who will make sure you get an application form. Names can be added to the roll at any time during the year after the APCM, also by contacting Bernie.

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